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With following pages, I‘d like to share my hobby - photography. But what are pictures if you don’t share them. Especially during my visit in the USA I made a lot of pictures, but you will find also interesting photos of my home - Germany.

Have fun!

Auf diesen wenigen Seiten will ich meine Fotos mit euch teilen. Viel Spass!


New 2013: added pictures from France, Portugal and Germany

New in 2012: I added pictures from New York and Washington

I added also some pictures from a trip to Granada in 2011

New in 2011 are pictures from Zittau:

And a travel to Alaska:

New are also Pictures from Edinburgh 2010 and from Ghent 2011.

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welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

Ein gutes Foto ist ein Foto, auf das man länger als eine Sekunde schaut.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Willkommen auf meiner Fotowebsite